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F*ckfinity Adventures Vol. 3

Oh, where or where do I start? I had an interesting experience recently, with an online store that I shall not name, that resulted in me going on an adventure to re-discover my voice and heal the 5lb weighted diamond that resided within my throat. Yeah, spiritually I have had a weight in my throat for at least 30 years. That weight prevented me from feeling quietly confident in whatever it is I felt I had to say. Especially if it was me sticking up for myself- because that's something I've struggled with doing in the past. I learned a lesson over the past month or so, that if my gut feeling gives any sort of indication that something just might not be quite right, I should listen- which is exactly what I didn't do right away. I felt like if I kept giving the benefit of the doubt, all would go well.  I also took into account that I am one that doesn't like to stir the pot, complain, or otherwise make life difficult for others. I tolerate a lot of BS. That wears on me. Th

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