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How Embodiment Has Helped Me Process Trauma

Learning to experience life in a more embodied way for the past 5 months has been interesting and eye-opening. I've made some wonderful self-discoveries and I've also had some moments where I felt frozen and questioned my reason for even attempting a coaching certification. What about me is so damn inspiring that someone will want to pay money, to have me guide them into experiencing their felt senses? Maybe everything. Maybe one singular thing. Who knows? Recently I found myself feeling more anxious and my digestive system was kinda going all over the place. I would come home from work, intending to start the final module in the FEC program I'm enrolled in, but I didn't. I would make tea, sit on the couch, read a book, or binge Netflix. I just couldn't bring myself to go upstairs and take the initial step of officially starting the final module. I'm really not like that, I haven't procrastinated for years (I did when I was quite young, typically with projec

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