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F*ckfinity Adventures Vol. 2

 My husband and I were watching videos on YouTube- it can be a wormhole to be sure. One of our favorites to watch and learn from is Nadia Bokody. She creates a good amount of content for educational purposes and is easy to listen to. She embodies the "best friend you can talk to about anything sex-wise" extremely well. Anyway.  The video was about "fingering" and was ultimately an educational video for women, girls, non-binary, and anyone with a vulva who wanted to either learn about why it's okay to explore and/or a couple of simple techniques and general knowledge on what one should do to prevent infections, etc. At one point she brought up that she often gets asked about age- what age is too young to explore yourself, and is it okay? Ultimately, any age is okay for self-exploration. Self-exploration should be taught in general, plus be told that it's okay to do in the first place. (Sex, on the other hand, should only be on the table when persons involved

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