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Taking A Deep Dive Into Myself

2021...the year that was supposed to be my "it" year...and it turned out to be as challenging or more so than 2020. Go figure! It's laughable that I continue to declare each year "my year to shine" really break down my walls and grow wild and free. Become sexually confident, become confident in general. Really take life by the metaphorical horns and live. I mean LIVE... Instead, I got knocked down by uterine fibroids that caused me chronic pain and discomfort for months on end. I'm glad I eventually got things checked out in June, but I hold a small bit of shame over the fact I waited so damn long. I was uncomfortable for quite some time before my ultrasound appointment- it affected my personality on a daily basis. It took away my sex drive, my self-pleasure drive, even my desire to go mountain biking...thwarted from pain. I had a procedure done around the end of October that rid me of the fibroid causing the most issues. Now I'm in this period of h

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