Embody Happyness 1:1

Please use Calendly to schedule Feminine Embodiment coaching or Integrative Pelvic Health® sessions with me.

What can I expect from a 1:1 coaching session? 
  • I am currently in the process of becoming certified in two, beautiful modalities that bring our felt senses and bodily awareness to the forefront. If you are interested in setting up a 1:1 container with me for multiple sessions, then we would incorporate both modalities into the container at some point. If you opt for a one-off session or feel best at this time to schedule on an "as needed" basis, then prior to the session we'll discuss what you're feeling called to work on, and we'll choose the modality that would best meet your needs at that time. Please know that there is a time difference in session length between FEC and IPH.

  • FEC sessions will bring awareness to your whole body, and we will utilize different tools to help you walk through possibilities that may be contributing to how you are feeling in that moment. The tools help to unravel frozen tension that might be holding you back from fully feeling. One might be stuck in a cycle of limiting beliefs, or maybe we'll look to magnetize an intention/feeling or amplify pleasure.

  • IPH sessions are primarily focused on the Pelvic Bowl- bones and soft tissues. This session is ideal if one is wanting to connect to their creative center, build awareness/increase sensitivity, or establish a loving relationship with the Pelvic region. This may be a modality that someone is called to if they have had traumatic experiences with their pelvic area and feel a great deal of numbness and disconnect. This may also be something that mothers (or mothers-to-be) may find appealing as a way of staying connected to this beautiful part of our body.

  • In our session, we bring bodily sense and felt sense to the forefront. Our session allows you to explore your feelings with more depth and reference. In a world where we are used to numbing ourselves up, our session with give you a safe space to allow you to feel as much as you feel comfortable doing so.

  • We meet over Zoom, and it is best that you be in a safe and comfortable space where you can be free of disturbances. If we are doing an IPH session, you will need the ability to lie down for a portion of our session. For an FEC session, a seated position where you are comfortable is recommended. You may be called to move your body, but the movements are able to be done while seated. 

Who may want a 1:1 coaching session? 
  • If you have felt disconnected from yourself as a whole, or perhaps disconnected from various parts of your body.
  • If you have a hard time expressing emotion or feeling your feelings.
  • It feels impossible for you to feel like you can be authentic or vulnerable with yourself and your loved ones.
  • You have tried self-help books and programs, but are not getting long-lasting results from your efforts.
  • You want to increase sensitivity and connection with yourself and your body.
  • You want to establish a more loving relationship with your body that helps you to feel more stable in this physical form.
  • You want to hold your physical body with respect, but just aren't sure how to do it and have that feeling stick.
  • You feel tired, you keep filling your plate full, and you are feeling like you're stuck in a rut.
  • You feel abundantly creative and joyful, but you are having a hard time doing the things in life that do not feel like fun for you.
  • You are living a life with a "Go! Go! GO!" mentality and have a hard time allowing yourself to slow down.
  • You have a hard time being present with yourself or your loved one in intimate situations.
  • Creating a schedule or bringing organization to your life does not feel good, but rather it feels repulsive.
Both modalities will bring awareness to both our masculine and feminine energies. Yes! We have both energies within us at all times, but just like a muscle, sometimes we have one that is a little stronger or more defined than the other. In our sessions, we work together to build awareness and use tools to work these energies, build bodily awareness, and welcome our felt senses. In doing so, we establish a more harmonious and balanced relationship with these energies. Both masculine energy and feminine energy are useful and important. Both energies should be celebrated, and both energies should be utilized in our human experience.

I am a trauma-aware practitioner but am not ideal for someone who is looking for a trauma therapist.

The modalities that I'm training in are not to be considered therapy, nor should I be looked at as a trauma therapist.

If you wish to work with me and you have had a lot of trauma in your life for which you have not seen a trauma therapist for, we may not be the best fit until after you have seen a licensed trauma therapist. 

I reserve the right, at any time, to discontinue our session if I feel that the topic is beyond my expertise and I will recommend that you seek out a qualified professional. Our work is to help raise your nervous system capacity and increase awareness of your felt sense in a sustaining and nourishing way.


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