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About Happyness Life

Happyness Life was created to provide a safe space for me to write about my personal experiences while I work towards implementing Happyness into my life. What is Happyness Life? Honestly, I'm figuring it out as I go, which is completely unhelpful to those who are thinking I've discovered some sort of magical way to go about my day and be happy doing it.

Since my dad's passing in 2018, my entire life has shifted to seeking out Happyness Life while still maintaining responsible adulthood. Happyness is a word that my dad misspelled in a letter he written to me when I was a young child, and I discovered it on Father's Day of 2018. 

This space is NSFW featuring open, honest, and raw content.

There will be cuss words (because I actually love swearing IRL) and I'm going to talk about subjects that may be uncomfortable for some. So if you are not keen on reading about how a person is trying to reclaim their sexual self, are triggered by conversations surrounding sex, abuse, eating disorders, and flirting with being sober curious/drinking- you have been warned. I will be dredging up some of my personal experiences that are uncomfortable for myself to talk about because I feel that it will help me carve a path in my life that will lead me to Happyness.

The road to Happyness is not an easy one. I've had to come face to face and acknowledge that as a human, like most humans in the world, I'm a little fucked up. Aren't we all? It's actually embracing and acknowledging that it's okay to be so. However, if you are wanting to live a fulfilling life, you have to decide if being fucked up is the way to be, or if you should get your ass in gear to work on healing and accepting. Sometimes all you need to do in order to heal is accept, and sometimes you actually have to work on shit.

I've discovered I'm that mix of one who has to both accept but also work on stuff.
I realized that I really wanted to write about my experiences, but find it easier to type than to write by hand. I also realized I needed to make space for these writings because they are so unlike everything else I write about.

My greatest gift is my art of storytelling and writing and my ability to have a case of the "fuckits" when I write about something that is really truth-telling. Some folks might learn something about me that makes them uncomfortable, and for that, it's both "I'm sorry and you were warned." 

Take into consideration that for me, writing is my greatest therapy and that this is possibly more for myself than it is for other people- but at the same time, if it helps other people, it's not so bad. 

Thank you for visiting, and following me on this journey of self-discovery. I'm 35 years old and pretty much figuring out who I am (isn't that what life is? A continual journey of self-discovery?)

May you discover your Happyness Life.


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