About Happyness Life

The story of Happyness Life is one that came from trying to find something positive in a situation filled with sadness. My father died in 2018, from a tragic accident. Father's Day 2018 I found a letter that he had written to me when I was very young- and one of the lines in that letter was "I hope your heart will always be lined with happyness." 

He had misspelled the word "happiness" with a Y and I decided that in my creation of a space where I could be as vulnerable and open as I wanted, I would honor him by using a Y in happiness. , I wanted to honor him as he inspired me to take the next steps in figuring out tender parts of my life. His passing is what inspired me to take the steps that I have to live life to the fullest capacity I can. This meant diving deep into topics that I found great interest in, or was affected by on a personal level. 

Coming into the world of Embodiment was not by accident, but by spending the next several years realizing that I had become very numb and had a lot of armor up, due to trauma that I had experienced back when I was a 4-year-old, to my dad's death. It was a hard pill to swallow, but once I realized that so many things were connected to my ability to process and feel- I knew in my bones that it was my calling to share my journey. To share what I'm learning. To help facilitate a deeper understanding of Embodiment within other people. 

Happyness Life is a space where I will share my writings and learnings with you.

I am a human who has experienced multiple traumas during the course of my life: sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, divorce, death of a parent, trauma to the uterus and cervix due to IUDs, and a uterine fibroid diagnosis, and I've walked the path of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. These experiences have all shaped the human that I am. I've had the desire to do something for others almost all of my life, and with my future certifications to become both a Feminine Embodiment Coach and Integrative Pelvic Health® Practitioner, I feel I can do just that.


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