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Review on the Vush Glow Bundle- #moreselflove

I am so tickled to write about these two wondrous products from Vush for this review! This was purchased with my own monies and my words are my legit personal opinion. First, let me introduce Vush: Vush is a company that is big on breaking the stigma behind self love. They believe every body is a good body and that folks should feel confident and comfortable with their sexuality. They are a wellness company that is working to create change by "transforming the conversation around female pleasure, wellbeing, and self love." I originally looked up Vush after seeing a post on Instagram from Clit Talk . I was intrigued by the beautiful shapes and sweet colors, because what can I say? I like things that look good. Like, GOOD. I don't often treat myself too much and lead (what I think) is a somewhat simplistic life...but if I purchase something for myself I tend to go with things that have a pleasing aesthetic.  For the sake of experimenting, I decided to take the quiz that Vu

Buzzfeed Air Vibe Review- Two Thumbs Down

It's been a while since I've written a sex toy review, and I'm here today to write a review on a vibe that absolutely...completely...sucked. In a bad way. I'd prefer to simply not write a negative review, but after looking online I felt I had to. I found a Reddit thread that said BBoutique aka Bellesa possibly only published and/or made glowing product reviews viewable and did not publish any review that was negative. To be honest, I was excited and purchased the Bellesa x Buzzfeed Air Vibe BECAUSE it sounded flipping amazing. Boy...was I going to be proven wrong. The Air Vibe is a combination clitoral sucking/g-spot vibrator that is bendable to fit a wider variety of bodies. Unfortunately, I'm built in such a way that I absolutely could not get it to cooperate with me. With the g-spot portion inserted, I was hard-pressed to get the clitoral sucking part to line up with me in a way that would actually stimulate as intended. I was really hoping to find a toy that I