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Finding Myself: The Sexual Liberation of JosieJo

It's been a while since I've written about my journey into sexual positivity and exploration, partly because I feel like there has been so much going on. It's difficult to put it all into words, tho I have been journaling, I have felt perhaps a bit shy to share this side of myself with "the world." I suppose that's what drives me to do so, to do a small part in erasing the stigma of sex and sensuality.  My renewed focus on working myself further out of my shell is partly because I'm afraid of what will happen when the busy season hits. Last year, when the bike season officially took off, the progress I made with my sexual self was tucked away in a box. Literally, it's like the off switch was hit, and any excitement that had been ignited was thoroughly squashed with the onslaught of service work, COVID-19 worries, bike sales, rentals, conversations on why we didn't have bicycles, etc.  I think part of me is afraid. Mountain biking has been a huge pa