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Welcome Back to Happyness Life!

Hi folks! I'm JosieJo. I started this website in early 2020 to explore areas of my life that I felt curious about, particularly when it came to not drinking alcohol and my sexual self.  To be honest, as I'm sure many of you might feel the same way, 2020 was a shit show in many ways. My small vacation with being sober came to a screeching halt. Not that I am an alcoholic in any sense of the word, but I definitely got tired of saying "no" and started saying "yes" to that desire more often. I mean, realistically, 2020 was becoming one of the most stressful years of my life next to the year 2018. Why deny me a simple pleasure? Sex. My sexual libido went down the proverbial tube. Work was all-consuming, I hardly got any mountain biking in, and I was exhausted on both physical and mental levels. I had zero desire for sex and self-pleasure. I emailed the two toy companies I was writing product reviews to tell them that I just couldn't do it. I stopped reading g