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Taking Ownership Of My Sexuality

When I made the decision to talk openly about my journey to reclaiming my sexual self, I found myself swimming in a mixture of feelings. Off the top of my head, I would say I felt excited, nervous, and apprehensive. Even tho I was enthused about sharing my journey, I felt a bit of shame clouding my thoughts. Talking about sex, sexuality, and the like seems to be encouraged and embraced on one end of the spectrum, yet there are those who feel that it's still something that shouldn't be talked about. I seem to thrive on difficult conversations and when I'm passionate about a topic, I tend to go all-in, regardless of what I think opinions will be. Why is sexuality such an important topic for me? Why write about something that some folks find uncomfortable to talk about? Why write about something that could ignite negative feelings toward me because I'm talking about it? Why not? If I'm going to live life in a shadow, then everything is off the table. The wor

Pipedream 3Some Total Ecstasy Review

When I saw the 3Some Total Ecstasy toy I was extremely intrigued, so much so that I knew it would be the next toy I'd purchase. The toy had several things that I thought would be interesting to experiment with, one being the vibrating anal plug. My hope was that this could be something that I could utilize when pleasuring the Hubby, because why not? I struggled with hands-free toys not being strong enough and/or having sensations that I would really enjoy. The other side of the spectrum is that I do enjoy anal sex/anal play, but I would say I still have a shy hole. I hoped that with my using this toy, that I would have an enjoyable time exploring sensations solo which would ultimately lead me to feel more comfortable with partnered exploration. Upon receiving the toy, I had to say that I enjoyed the packaging and it made me feel as tho I was opening up a truly special gift. You could open up the outer flap to reveal the toy inside the box and read a little about it. On the

Living An Orgasmic Life: A Book Review

The whole title of the book is: Living An Orgasmic Life: Heal Yourself and Awaken Your Pleasure by Xanet Pailet and Emily Morse This is one of several books I purchased to learn about and embrace my sexual side. One, the cover art is colorful and fun, and second it when reading the description of the book several things resonated with me. Overcome your discomfort Awaken your sexuality Add sex back into your marriage It also says it's a recommended read if: You have read Sex Rx, Urban Tantra, Come as You Are, or Womancode, Living An Orgasmic Life is a must read. Learn: Why it's so hard to talk about sex in a world where everything is about sex How sexual trauma can occur and how to heal it How to reignite your libido What you can do to start living an orgasmic life Obviously, this seemed to cover everything I was wishing to work on, so I took the plunge and purchased the book with an open mind and heart. For me, I knew I had experienced sexual tr