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Life Is A Gift- So Live It!

The frailty of life is looming over me right now as I sit here to write this. How precious life is hit me after my dad died from a tragic accident and since then, I've been living with a cloud hanging over my head. I take each day as it comes, but I can't separate myself from the mental anxiety that creeps up when I hear of something tragic. I'm paying attention to the ages in the obituaries and feeling a sense of dread when I see ages 60 and below. People drying from various causes from heart attack to ALS. People finding out that they have cancer. People having a brain aneurysm. Nothing screams "Life is a gift" like seeing it being ripped away from others. What are you going to do? I have never been more serious in my mission to live what is left of my life to the fullest. To do whatever it is that my heart wants to do. Go on adventures. See different places. Try different foods. Not allow myself to say "Someday" so much. Obviously, I will be

Quit Like A Woman: A Book Review

Several months before I made the decision to have a dry January to see how #soberlife would work for me, I had pre-ordered Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitaker . The book was to explore the concept of why alcohol is so prevalent in our culture and Holly's journey into sobriety. This review is entirely my personal opinion and may not jive with everyone, and that's okay.  My hope when I purchased this book was to get a better idea of why it seems alcohol is so ingrained in our daily lives. I felt like over the past several years, so many local events have become fueled by alcohol, otherwise, folks wouldn't attend or pay money to attend. Especially those catering more toward women. You have yoga classes at a brewery, social gatherings always seem to have alcohol, and I'm involved with a group that seems to have the inability to meet if beer is not part of the equation. All in all, I wanted a personal look as to why alcohol seems to be a necessity, like air, rather th

The INFJ Guide to Shopping For Sex Toys

I write this guide as an INFJ , whether or not being an INFJ had any influence on my shopping for sex toys, I have no idea. I will say, that when I made the decision to spice up my Sexy Life, I went all-in with a decerning eye. I did not want to fail, I did not want to waste money, and I was especially focused on trying new things. I felt my sexual self was relatively untapped, and having had some negative experiences with purchasing sex toys in the past, I wanted to ensure that this time would be inspiring and invigorating. Before I made any purchases, I took a mental note of the current selection of toys I already had, and whether or not I liked them. Truth be told, I did have a couple duds, but at the time I didn't want to admit it. Could there be an improvement if there were more powerful settings? Difference in size? Was there something completely different I should try? What would improve either my solo experience or my experience with my husband? There wasn't a s

Becoming Cliterate: A Book Review

In the process of self-educating myself, I discovered the book Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters--And How to Get It by Dr. Laurie Mintz  and I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about women and orgasms. All in all, the book is very easy to read, and by easy to read, it's written in a style of writing that makes it enjoyable and entertaining, but extremely educational. It's not intimidating to read, and it even has a chapter in the back for men to read who are keen on learning more about how a woman's body works. In that chapter, men or women will also learn a little bit about male erections, how long men typically last during sex, etc. The book talks openly about what encompasses sex (the reality is, penetrative sex is not the only sex out there.) You learn that on average, with a partner, it takes a woman between 15 to 45 minutes to have an orgasm whereas solo it could take 2 to 10 minutes! (for reference, this is on page19 in the book.)

JimmyJane Form 2 Review: Did I Experience Dynamic Stimulation?

During my quest to find a vibrator that I could use during "sexy time" with my hubby, I came across the JimmyJane Form 2 vibrator . It's a hand-held vibrator that is small enough in size to be useful in multiple positions and not get in the way. Being that I enjoy bright, fun colors, I chose the hot pink option. I guess there are times when I could be classified as a "girly girl" and when there is a vibrant shade of fuchsia to be had, I have to have it. Not to mention it is considered a body-safe and Phthalate-free toy! The Form 2 has two motors that make up the device, one in each ear. The instructions give you a variety of ideas on how to use the vibrator for your lower half or even on your nipples. You can hold the vibe in place or squeeze the ears. It's also waterproof, so you can enjoy tub time with a little stimulation if you so desire. I also chose this vibrator due to it having a travel lock, which I feel is a handy thing to have if one

Embrace Your Sexy Life Vol. 4

It hit me like a tidal wave, the overwhelming feeling of self-doubt. I stood in front of the mirror, pulling up on my skin to make my breasts look perkier. I told myself to stop it, but I couldn't. It's not that they are terribly saggy, but they are not (imo) what you would find on an 18-year-old. I'm 35. No shit. I started to judge my left boob over my right because it isn't as full as the right one. You know, something that is extremely typical and common as total symmetry between body parts is rare. I looked at my face. I looked at the rest of my body. I fell down into a dark hole. This whole journey of sexual awakening and self-awareness can sometimes backfire in my face. Hubby thinks it's because I am seeing so many different bodies on social media now. Also, since I have started periodically watching porn, it feels like attractive bodies are everywhere. It's almost impossible for me to completely withhold comparisons and judgemental thoughts agai

Sweet Vibrations tuLips and The Perfect Match Vibrator Review

Sweet Vibrations is a company that made it their mission to create quality, rechargeable vibrators at an affordable cost. Not only that, I fell in love with the mission: "We believe being comfortable with your own sexuality is an important part an individual’s journey to being a confident, happy person. With Sweet Vibrations, we feel we have the opportunity to help a lot of people attain that while in the safe space of their own bedroom or with their partner." Sweet Vibrations was the first company that agreed to partner with me on this new venture, so I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review two of their products, the tuLips vibrator , and The Perfect Match vibrator . The tuLips vibrator is specific to clitoral stimulation and The Perfect Match vibrator is a rabbit-style vibe so you can have the best of both worlds. Cost-wise if you were to purchase the tuLips vibe you'd be spending $44.99 and if you were to purchase The Perfect Match you'

Afraid For The Wrong Reasons

I was afraid of porn for many years, it was only until a few months ago that I realized that perhaps my fears were not necessary. The big question was, Why ? I had read two books back to back, where the authors had described a relatively positive relationship with porn.  They watched porn themselves and talked about how there is porn out there for everyone. Literally, you can find just about everything, and that porn can contribute to a healthy sex life.  The books were written by women . Women who had a healthy relationship with porn. As in, women who were not intimidated as fuck by porn but more or less, used it to explore and learn, even enhance. Ironically, I wasn't afraid of porn back in my younger years. I remember the intrigue of the Playboy Channel when we got satellite t.v. at home. I didn't think any less of my step-dad for watching it. I knew where he had stashed his old Playboy magazines, and I regularly flipped through them when he wasn&#