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Rocks-Off EveryGirl Rabbit Vibrator: Is It What I Want? Is It What I Need?

Today I will give you my candid take on the beautiful EveryGirl Rabbit Vibrator from the company called Rocks-Off. This vibrator came from SheVibe  and it comes in three colors, of which I chose the teal one because it seemed the happiest! Out of the toys I have experimented with, I had only one rabbit-style vibrator to my name, and I didn't pick it out myself. I didn't dislike the vibrator I already had, but I did wonder what was out there and if there could be some improvements to the style that I have yet to experience. I also wanted to try out something that was under $200, because not everyone is able to spend oodles of cash on a sex aid. The EveryGirl Rabbit Vibrator comes in at $82.99 ( right now at SheVibe it's $59.99! ) In my opinion, a very respectable price point for a rabbit-style vibrator that looks well made and has an independent dual-motor function. What I was most excited about when it came to the vibrator was the dual-motor function that all

Embrace Your Sexy Life Vol. 3

Porn is not the devil. Reading erotic novels is super fun. When it comes to folks having sexual freedom, unless it's something that is legitimately damaging the relationship you have with your partner, each person is entitled to explore their personal sexuality. Over the past couple of months as I've gone through great lengths to embrace my inner sexual goddess, I had to accept that I had to change my mind on a few things. One of those things was to work on letting go of the hurtful baggage I carried into the relationship I have with Hubby. My sexual relationship with my ex-husband was not the most positive, and in retrospect, I had very little knowledge or confidence with my sexual self. Hindsight is 20/20 and I realize that I tried to control my ex-husband's private sexual life, however, there was a point that I do believe his private sexual life was damaging to our relationship. Our sex life was, for lack of better words...shit. He also wasn't willing or inter

Zumio X Review: Did I Join The Pleasure Revolution?

Not too long after creating my Instagram page, I found myself scouring through new pages to follow, one of which was for Zumio. Zumio is a company that has created an extremely intriguing toy that claims that it can help you find new pleasure centers with pinpoint stimulation. Also, it's completely different from any of the other toys I have because it has a SpiroTip, which rotates instead of vibrates for a completely different sensation. This sounded extremely interesting and worthwhile to try, however, to make things complicated they offer a Zumio X and a Zumio S (Sensitive). I went back and forth over which one to try. Both do the exact same thing, but the Zumio S is designed to be less intense due to the silicone covering on the tip. I read several reviews comparing the two, but ultimately what had me choose the Zumio X was the longer tip. I figured that if it was longer it would be easier for me to utilize when having sex with Hubby rather than a shorter tip that mig

Embrace Your Sexy Life Vol. 2

The next thing that has helped me to embrace my sexy life is...wait for it...masturbating. For those that dislike the word...sorry! I don't care to use a cheeky phrase to describe self lovn'. Two reasons masturbation is important to me #1. I'm in my 30's and still figuring out what the heck feels GOOD. Yes. I spent years hardly masturbating because of various reasons. One of which is shame. I'm not sure why I felt so much shame when it came to learning about my body and what gives me pleasure, but shame was there. It's not like I ever got in trouble for masturbating as a child. It's something I absolutely never explored. Maybe subconsciously it's because I had been sexually abused as a 4-year-old, so in my mind, my bits were something that shouldn't be messed around with. Even by my own hand. Another thing was how I felt that in some way it was almost like cheating on my partner. I think because my ex-husband and I had so many issues that surro

Saying Goodbye To Shame

I had an instance many years ago where I was completely and utterly shamed for expressing my sexual self. I had let my then-boyfriend, take a nude Polaroid photo of me. It was something I gave my consent to, but it didn't mean that I was 100% for it. On one hand, I thought that it was flattering that he wanted a photo of me to potentially use for, shall we say, visual stimulation. On the other hand, I felt as tho I had to do it in order to keep him interested in me. The main reason I fell victim to not going with my gut and saying no because I had a lack of self-worth at the time. Also? He was my first boyfriend, so you have this idea that it's something extremely special and one should do whatever it takes to not fuck it up. After the photo was taken I forgot about it. Unfortunately, the fateful day came when I was told that his sister found the photograph. All hell broke loose, because not only did his sister find out, but she told everyone she possibly could. Not jus

Pillow Talk Sassy Review: A Budget Friendly G-Spot Vibrator

In the world of sexual exploration, I will admit that my G-Spot has been the less explored areas. Not only will I blame my previous lack of masturbating, but I will also blame my lack of G-Spot hitting toys. I made it my mission to explore this mysterious area within, and finding a toy that could aid me was on the top of my priority list. I had two toys that were supposed to help me work the spot, but they were entirely lacking in the department of being able to really stimulate the area. I need something that was girthy, that had a wide area that could be used to apply constant pressure and something that wasn't super flexible. I researched the hell out of G-Spot vibrators, and upon scrolling my Instagram feed, I saw several reviews popping up for the Pillow Talk Sassy G-Spot Vibrator. Not only was it getting rave reviews, but it was also touted to be a budget-friendly vibe that came highly recommended by several sex bloggers. One had even said that if they were to recommen

Embrace Your Sexy Life Vol. 1

Welcome to the Embrace Your Sexy Life series! In this series, we talk about what helped me embrace my inner sex goddess so I could cultivate a truly Sexy Life.  I hope some of these ideas will assist with you cultivating your own version of Sexy Life that you truly deserve! Yes ! You deserve great sex whether it's with another human being or if it's by yourself (because masturbation is sex with your fine self!) I have struggled over the years battling my inner critic, that damn little annoying voice that criticizes you and makes your self-worth plummet. It tells you that you aren't good enough, worthy enough, or sexy enough. You can try and you will ultimately fail because that little voice likes to whisper things in your ear to make you feel insecure. You may also fail due to societal pressure. Media shows us (as women) that you will likely not feel like the sexy nymph that you are because you don't look a certain way. You have an opposing cup size/hip size/wai

Cowgirl Sex Machine Review: My Take On A Premium Sex Machine

In the midst of my newfound sexual awakening, I purchased for myself the most expensive sex aid I own. For some, the price tag alone would make them steer clear of the machine, yet with the support of Hubby, I made the purchase. Of course, the amount made my phone sound off with the potential that it was a fraudulent purchase. Damnit . How frustrating that a text message had me feeling shameful, and for a few seconds I had buyer's remorse. What the fuck was I doing? I just bought a sex machine that cost as much as a used car or I could've booked a flight for two to Sedona, AZ in the Comfort Plus class. Nope. Instead, I was on my phone, purchasing a machine that was promising me some massively intense orgasms. Possibly multiple. All in all, I was purchasing an experience . Because of buyer's remorse, I went on a spending spree at Victora's Secret. I figured if I'm spending money on something for sex, I might as well feel the part. My phone yelled at me again be

Disordered Habits Can Kiss My A**

It's been a full week since I decided to step away from drinking alcohol for a self-imposed break. During this week, I also started reading the book: Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitaker Ironically I had pre-ordered before I committed to taking a break from all things alcoholic. It's been a thought-provoking read, and I would recommend it to anyone who is sober-curious or like me, who feels alcohol is permeating every corner of our existence when it comes to doing anything socially. (Painting, reading, card games, meetings, etc.) At a recent meeting, I nursed a glass of ice water, not feeling sorry for myself that I wasn't nursing a glass filled with carbohydrates, sugar, and ethanol. When it was brought up that we didn't join the NYD ride, I was forthright in admitting that when N saw us, I was hungover and asleep in Hubby's truck. That's why he didn't see me and that's 100% why I decided to take a break from alcohol. My decision was commende

Body Acceptance

I've struggled for years with accepting my physical appearance. It's been a challenging road filled with ups and downs. I think at times, it can be especially hard since I grew up somewhat overweight for many years. I'd say that my generalized anxiety contributed to my love of food. The tastes and textures- the feeling of a full stomach felt like an internal hug. I likely ate to fill a void I had when it came to feeling loved. When I ate, I felt happy. When I was full, I felt content. Anyways, that's one part of the equation. No one talks about how shitty it can be to go through puberty at a young age. It was also done in a very "This is what's happening" sort of way. It was scary, especially since I had so much anxiety about everything. My knowledge of periods came from information my mom printed for me off of the internet and being given a pad. Breasts for a young girl can be traumatizing. Especially when all of the comments you hear about t

Grief Sucks.

It does. You can't deny it. I've experienced different levels of grief, but the most profound and life-altering was when my dad died. I wish that he had died in a more romantic way, but that's usually only in movies and books. How he died was absolutely heartwrenching for me. Not only do I feel that I have to defend his passing (because he had cut trees many times before, so it seems so stupid that he died from a tree cutting accident) but it altered his appearance. When I saw my dad for the last time, I saw a human who had their chest crushed by a tree. What happens when you have something heavy on your chest for a period of time? You have fluid buildup. My dad's head was swollen and he didn't look like my dad. He looked like he had grown a puffball mushroom where his head should've been. I had the option of having his face covered up, but I didn't. I didn't want to look, but I did at the same time. I would never see my dad again. It was an

Hello 2020

I looked at my new calendar last night and laughed out loud at the comic. It was so fitting for my circumstances. 2018 was a shit year entirely, 2019 wasn't too bad- but I hit my limit of drinking for the final day of 2019 and really went out with a bang. I woke up on the 1st feeling like the last comic. Battered and bruised, but decidedly not giving up on life. I'll be brutally honest, I'm at 98% and definitely not at 100% yet. Even tho this hangover is nowhere close to the hangover of my stepdad's 70th birthday party, it was still enough for me to say that I need a fucking booze break. I'm not a heavy drinker, tho I'm not one to shy away from a suppertime beer. However, I know over the course of 2018 into 2019 I have found myself not able to give myself the break from alcohol that I wanted. I guess it's the culmination of life crap that kept me wanting to keep things at bay. I have to admit that my evening beer became more of a crutch than somethi