My Promise To Myself

I am going to let myself live the most erotically, whole, life possible.
I am going to love myself in ways that I never thought I could.
I am going to burst forth with love, eroticism, and pleasure- and take you along for the ride!
I am going to let myself be open, honest, and candid about this experience.
I am going to make mistakes- sometimes I might push myself away or push my boundaries a little too far.
I am going to be authentic.
This is my journey- it will be messy, beautiful, inspiring, and rich.

I am starting Happyness Life anew, yet again. 
I tried too hard to cultivate, and that became challenging- because there is much of my journey I want to share, yet so much that I'm digesting that it is not shareable at this time.

So small pieces. Poems. Random thoughts.
Words will appear when the time is right.


- JosieJo