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A Love Letter

My Queen.
You are my Goddess embodied and I am so sorry for how hard I have been on you. 

I have tried to morph you into the idea of what a queenly body was supposed to be- not cultivating your true nature.

I tried to shrink you down to size...starve you of nutrients. 

I wanted to be small...delicate. I didn't understand or see your strength.

A friend (massage therapist) once told me that it might be more difficult or take more time for me to build muscle. However, when I built muscle, I built GOOD muscle.

My Queen, you knew all along that I would need to be strong to get through life. My broad shoulders would carry a lot of weight- so my heart would not be crushed.

I tried to take advantage of you so much. Push you past certain points. The pain I received was you trying to get me to pull back. I'm sorry I was a poor listener. We are still working together through the repetitive motion strain/injuries. I am trying my best to take care of you not let pride dictate.

My Queen. I am so grateful you love mountain biking as much as I do. How it can make the muscles work and the body sweat. Our joy over mountain biking helped me embrace and appreciate you more than ever. Damn. You ARE a BADASS!!! You have helped me climb hills, go off of drops, ride over roots and rocks. You, my Queen, give me strength. I am sorry that I push you too far sometimes and we get burnt out. I don't listen to you. I'm trying to do better.

I am moving you in different ways and I relish the muscular burn. I think you do too.

Above all, I'm most sorry that I have continually denied you pleasure. I have only just begun understanding how incredibly sensual and passionate you are. My Queen, your orgasms are addicting!!! Why have I not indulged your desires more? I have withheld pleasure and touch from you so much. I can feel how much more alive you are when I feed your desires. You, my Queen, make me feel whole, vibrant, alive, and powerful.

I am learning an incredible lesson and I hope we can go on this enticing journey together as a whole. I promise to check in with you to see how you are and how you feel. I promise to give you the self-care we both need. I promise to help you move how you wish and desire. I want you to teach me to let go. I want too much control over you, and that stifles your spirit. I'm so sorry. I am ready to take these next steps with you, to learn, listen, and embody. Thank you, my Queen, for being here for me. I love you and appreciate you. Now it's time for me to show you.

Love, Josie


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