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Review on the Vush Glow Bundle- #moreselflove

I am so tickled to write about these two wondrous products from Vush for this review! This was purchased with my own monies and my words are my legit personal opinion.

First, let me introduce Vush: Vush is a company that is big on breaking the stigma behind self love. They believe every body is a good body and that folks should feel confident and comfortable with their sexuality. They are a wellness company that is working to create change by "transforming the conversation around female pleasure, wellbeing, and self love."

I originally looked up Vush after seeing a post on Instagram from Clit Talk. I was intrigued by the beautiful shapes and sweet colors, because what can I say? I like things that look good. Like, GOOD. I don't often treat myself too much and lead (what I think) is a somewhat simplistic life...but if I purchase something for myself I tend to go with things that have a pleasing aesthetic. 

For the sake of experimenting, I decided to take the quiz that Vush has called Vibrator Matchmaker, to see what they would recommend. I'll be honest that I pretty much guessed what they would recommend because I love variety and I hate choosing. (Yes, the quiz said I should get the Glow Bundle, but I was planning to get it anyway.)

(Note, after you place your order you will get a confirmation that your order was received. You'll get another email letting you know that they are working on packing your order up. I never received tracking or anything...but got an email saying my order was out for delivery. I didn't believe it, and thought it meant it was on the way...but it legit was being delivered THAT DAY! Literally, it felt like Christmas when I got home.)

What comes in the Vush Glow Bundle?
#1. Majesty 2 wand vibrator
50 personalized levels and intensities

For incredible sensations

Perfect for solo or couples play

For bubble baths and power showers

Easy charging

Soft and gentle touch

#2. Rose 2 bullet vibrator
25 personalized levels and intensities

Bend and flex to your body

Discreet fun for uninterrupted play

Solo or couples play

For bubble baths and power showers

Easy charging

Soft and gentle touch

#3. A soft and pink storage bag
#4. Charging cables

Seriously, I squealed with how adorable the vibes were in their boxes! They looked so beautiful and luxurious! Seriously, it transported me to feeling like a kid opening up a brand new Barbie doll. Everything just looked so...good. Shiney. Quality. I couldn't wait to put them to the test.

Now, I'm not unfamiliar with wands and bullet vibrators, however, I have had enough to say "This is good" and "This sucks, and not in a good way." Also, another factor for me is that I'm coming off of anti-anxiety medication that I've been on since 2019. 2018 brought a lot of stress to my life with the unexpected, accidental death of my dad- I was the only child and appointed executor. I had months of anxiety and depression happening before I realized that I needed some help. All of that affected me on multiple levels, and my sex drive went down into a dark hole.

The anti-anxiety medication WAS a necessity at the time, but I do know that it did affect my sex drive and ability to orgasm. (Also, I struggled with being in my head way too much.) Ultimately, my ability to be present during sex was challenged, I had stress over orgasming, and I couldn't get myself to cum using my hand anymore. So I went for pleasure aids and had to figure out what worked for my body for that time of my life- and those were basically things that almost forced one out of me. I became a self-prescribed "power queen." 

Not only that, but I felt I had a challenging relationship with what I considered a "ninja clit." Instead, I think I have a medium, hooded clit and I totally prefer g-spot/area stimulation with clitoral stimulation. However, this hooded ninja loves stimulation, and she needed a lot when I was on medication. Fast forward to the present, where I'm now off of taking medication for anxiety and feeling good. My sex drive is up, and I found that some of my tried and true favorites were too intense! Some of what had worked for me also took a lot of finagling to get it in "just the right" spot...and sometimes that just felt like more work than what was necessary. 

A few things I have learned over my past couple of years of sexual exploration:
I want power when I want it, but I don't need it to be something that starts off strong.
I like to have something that has a broad head so I can position it wherever I want/need, press it onto my clit, or gently rub my clit.
I like having easy-to-use buttons. NO GUESSING/Fumbling/Fucking around! I want to be able to easily change what's happening without having to stop and look. 
I like having something that is easy to hold and position. I sometimes have issues with repetitive motion stress and my right arm/hand can have a hard time keeping a grip on things.

My impressions on the Majesty 2 wand vibrator:
Holy moly! This is literally my new favorite wand and that's no joke. It has a wonderful, curved shape that makes it easy to hold and position. 

I have yet to use this with partnered sex, but it's been a favorite to use when I'm enjoying my NJoy Pure Wand. Now, if you haven't used the NJoy Pure Wand before, let me tell you that I'm hoping I'm growing brain cells during my self-care time, especially when you throw in using something in both hands and two different motions!
The buttons are easy to use and where they are placed makes it easy to memorize what does what.
It's also the first wand that I've played around with actual patterns and enjoyed them.
I have not numbed my beloved clit by using this for multiple orgasms in a row.

My impressions on the Rose 2 bullet vibrator:
The BEST bullet vibrator EVER!
This is not the typical bullet vibe that makes you want to pull your hair out because you have a small surface to work with. 

This bullet is what I would consider a mini-wand, and it's glorious.
You want power? You have multiple power settings that are easy to switch with a push of a button.
You want patterns? You have multiple pattern settings that are easy to switch with a push of a button.
You want to press it into your clit? You totally can. You want to find just the right spot? You will. It has a broad head that makes it SO easy to find just where you want to have it.
The neck of it is flexible so you can easily conform it to your body. 
It's been an absolutely wonderful addition to my repertoire and usually the first I'll grab to use after I've gotten off with my hand first. Then I'll grab the Majesty 2 after a sufficient warm-up...and then back to the Rose 2. 

Seriously, they are that enjoyable to use!

Which one is right for you? Well, I'm not going to answer that because I feel every body is different, but I won't shy away from saying you'd likely enjoy having both. I like choice and having multiple options is great because I do feel that it helps with keeping desensitization at bay.

All in all, I would say Vush has hit one hell of a home run with these two vibrators. Not only are they beautiful, they definitely work! Plus they are designed to work wonderfully regardless if you are a sexual aid veteran or new to the scene. My clit says: 10 out of 10/Highly recommend!


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