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Sweet Vibrations tuLips and The Perfect Match Vibrator Review

sweet vibrations the perfect match
Sweet Vibrations is a company that made it their mission to create quality, rechargeable vibrators at an affordable cost.
Not only that, I fell in love with the mission:

"We believe being comfortable with your own sexuality is an important part an individual’s journey to being a confident, happy person. With Sweet Vibrations, we feel we have the opportunity to help a lot of people attain that while in the safe space of their own bedroom or with their partner."

Sweet Vibrations was the first company that agreed to partner with me on this new venture, so I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review two of their products, the tuLips vibrator, and The Perfect Match vibrator.

The tuLips vibrator is specific to clitoral stimulation and The Perfect Match vibrator is a rabbit-style vibe so you can have the best of both worlds. Cost-wise if you were to purchase the tuLips vibe you'd be spending $44.99 and if you were to purchase The Perfect Match you'd spend $39.99
The packaging for the vibrators is quite nice. The boxes are sturdy and visually appealing with their simple design. Overall, they are straightforward and you know what you're getting. They arrive nestled in the box with a bit of reading material on top of them. I was truly impressed with the booklet that came with it as well as the card indicating Forever Warranty. They want you to know outright that they mean to take care of you. Don't forget that they come with a charging cable, USB plug-in adaptor, and a storage bag.

The tuLips vibrator comes in three color choices: Pink, Mint, and Raspberry.
The Perfect Match vibrator comes in two colors: Pink and Lavender

Sweet Vibrations tuLips clitoral vibrator
The tuLips clitoral vibrator:
Overall, this vibrator is smooth and has a nice palm feel. There are three buttons for the vibrator, two that control the speed/power and one that controls the vibration mods (steady/pattern.)

The vibrator is designed to hug around your clitoris, and there is a small little nubbin that allows you to pinpoint massage areas to increase your pleasure. I will be honest, my first few uses of this vibrator left me feeling frustrated. I'm not sure if it was not getting the placement quite right or if the highest power setting just wasn't strong enough. (There are 5 power settings.) I simply felt that this vibrator wasn't strong enough to push me over the edge. It was enough to get me excited and to make quick work of climaxing when I brought a more powerful toy into the mix.

I even went to the website to read on how I should use the vibrator (I wasn't near my instruction booklet). "Hold it in one hand with the top end down, placing the “lips” of the tuLips over the tip of the clit so that they gently hug it. Apply pressure and bend the tuLips to apply as much or as little pressure as you like. Optional: slide it down towards the vagina to stimulate the entire clit so that nothing is left out."

I experimented with the patterns, but for myself, I find that most patterns just annoy me with their inconsistency. I'm far better with a steady pattern and an increase in vibration speed. I guess I like to keep it consistent!

The final experiment I had with the tuLips vibrator I found myself enjoying the sensations, but it wasn't enough to put me over the edge. All the placements and rubbing I did got me "almost" there, so I decided I needed some help. I grabbed my Liberator Wing pillow and stuffed a dildo in the top hole and went to town. That, my friends, was the magical combination! Finally, the tuLips pushed me over the edge!

With the tuLips, I think it's a great route for someone who is sensitive to vibrations. For those who are seeking something more powerful, it's probably going to help you build up, but I feel it didn't have enough oomph to induce a climax on its own. If I were to use this on a regular basis, I definitely need internal stimulation with it.

All in all, it's not bad, and I could see it being utilized during partner play to tease me further- but likely wouldn't try to use it for a grand finale.
Sweet Vibrations The Perfect Match rabbit vibrator
The Perfect Match vibrator:
This vibrator has 10 patterns total and two speeds when you are on the steady patterns (which are at the beginning). It does have two motors (one in the clitoral stimulator and one in the g-spot stimulator) but they are not 100% independent of each other. Both come on when the toy comes on, and you can't freely adjust one vs. the other.

The nice thing about this toy is you get 2.5 hours of use on a charge! That was great because I needed time to warm up to this vibe.

The vibrator is smooth and flexible, but not so flexible that it can't deliver sweet, sweet pressure to the g-spot area. The clitoral stimulator is also flexible, but for me, it was too floppy at times. The head of the clitoral stimulator is similarly shaped to another vibrator I own, and I don't like it because it's difficult to maneuver and place it where it works best. I had to find a way to hold the vibrator and allow mobility of the internal portion but smoosh down the clitoral portion so it would stay in place better. I was able to successfully get off, but it wasn't without a little challenge.

Since discovering a vibrator that has separately functioning clitoral and g-spot vibrators, I know I prefer that style compared to one that has two motors that do not function separately. (As in, being able to turn on the clitoral stimulator later in the session.) I will also admit that I feel like I'm a bit of a power queen, and while the second power setting was powerful enough I really wished there had been a third power setting.
My final notes: 
Both toys are waterproof and come with a lifetime warranty and both are extremely affordable when it comes to rechargeable vibrators. I think both of these vibrators can truly be an asset to those who are either new to using sex toys and/or those who find some options to be too powerful.

The other nice thing about both toys is that they are not obtrusively noisy nor did I experience numbness in my hands from using them (due to vibration intensity.)

Sweet Vibrations I feel is an excellent company and they truly care about your experience, and this shows with how informative they are about each of their products and the lifetime warranty. They believe masturbation to be one of the greatest forms of self-care, and I couldn't agree more!

Their website is easy to navigate and feels very welcoming it's completely the opposite of some sites you might discover when searching for toys. It's bright, pleasant, and visually appealing to a wide audience. Overall, I highly recommend folks to check out Sweet Vibrations- their customer service is amazing and their offerings are super affordable!


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