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JimmyJane Form 2 Review: Did I Experience Dynamic Stimulation?

Form 2
During my quest to find a vibrator that I could use during "sexy time" with my hubby, I came across the JimmyJane Form 2 vibrator. It's a hand-held vibrator that is small enough in size to be useful in multiple positions and not get in the way.

Being that I enjoy bright, fun colors, I chose the hot pink option. I guess there are times when I could be classified as a "girly girl" and when there is a vibrant shade of fuchsia to be had, I have to have it. Not to mention it is considered a body-safe and Phthalate-free toy!

The Form 2 has two motors that make up the device, one in each ear. The instructions give you a variety of ideas on how to use the vibrator for your lower half or even on your nipples. You can hold the vibe in place or squeeze the ears. It's also waterproof, so you can enjoy tub time with a little stimulation if you so desire.

I also chose this vibrator due to it having a travel lock, which I feel is a handy thing to have if one were to go on trips/fly. I plan to take a toy or two with me when I go out to Arizona in November, and being that I am typically discreet, I want to ensure whatever I take won't accidentally get turned on.

Another thing I looked at was the run time, which JimmyJane says is over 4 hours on a single charge! That's flippn' amazing.

I also wanted to make sure I found a vibe that would have power levels, and this one comes with 5 power levels and 4 vibration modes. Perhaps not as many options as some, but the power levels are what I care most about. Typically, I like a steady vibration or at least a vibration pattern that stays pretty level with a little variance. I dislike anything that's too soft or too drawn out as I find that it doesn't stimulate me enough or my excitement wanes as the pattern dissipates.

When my Form 2 vibrator arrived I could hardly wait to give it a go. I took it out of the box to charge it up. This is different than most of the other toys I own as it has a little charging base that you plug into a computer or USB wall adaptor. 

Truth be told, I have not used this vibrator in the bathtub yet, so I can't talk about how it works in the water. 

I don't want to say my feelings on this cute little vibe are mixed, but at this point they are. I assume that the more I use the Form 2, the more I'll like it, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting after reading so many positive reviews. Now, I won't say that this vibe doesn't make me orgasm, because it absolutely does. It seems for my body (at this time) it builds me up slowly. I have not had an instantaneous "blammo" experience from this cute little contraption...yet.

It could be because I start off on a lower vibration setting, and I do so because I worry about becoming too desensitized from the vibrator which makes multiple orgasms harder to have. If I were to start it off on a higher mode too soon, then it's too intense and that counteracts against the whole buildup of arousal.

The first time I used the Form 2 was when my husband and I were having a sexual romp. I would say that it was an awkward instance of me getting used to a new toy and struggling with figuring out the best vibration mode and pattern to use for the position we were in. I had one of those baffling "I think I just had an orgasm, but I don't know for sure if I did?" As in, I was built up enough, but the angle and everything else going on made it hard for me to feel myself contract. I learned a valuable lesson: Make sure you play with a new toy solo before introducing it into a sexual escapade.
Jimmy Jane Form 2
The second time I used the Form 2 was the next day, after settling on a pattern and vibration speed, I came a lot easier and knew for sure what had happened. It wasn't a quick one, instead, I could feel the pressure building inside. Ultimately, that slow burn of rumbling vibrations left me with a very satisfying orgasm, tho it left me wanting another one (I did have to swap toys for that) but what I liked was even tho I orgasmed, I was still able to leave the vibe where it was on my body to continually enjoy the pleasurable sensations without feeling overstimulated. That was awesome

The third time I used the Form 2 was for a solo session so I could really take the time to explore the different vibrations and modes. From the modes available I seem to gravitate towards the full steady or the last mode which is consistent with the up/down pattern but in a strong and close together not with a longer gap between. It's not to say the 2nd and 3rd patterns aren't nice, but I must have an impatient clit that really likes it steady and focused!

In terms of the vibration speed, I typically warm up for a few seconds with the lower speed and go up in 1 step increments. At this time, I would say that I seem to float between speeds 3 and 4 for a finisher as 5 seems to be a little too intense for prolonged pressure on my clit.

I've tried pinching my clit between the ears, and I'd say that I feel like I have mixed results because of my anatomy. What has seemed to work the best for me at this point is to hold the vibrator in my right hand with the ears facing inward vertically (not having the ears on either side of my clit) and then I rub the vibrator up and down over my clit and down between my lips a little (not inserting). The slight tugging and pushing sensation on my clit seems to work well for me to have an orgasm that builds up intensity wise, which makes it quite satisfying in the end.

In terms of handling the vibrator, when I had my solo session I found the best way for me to hold it was to use my right hand and have the buttons facing upward. If I am holding the vibrator vertically, I can easily use my index finger to play with settings and I feel a lot more in control. I mention this because I didn't think about how I was holding it any other time I used it, and that made me try to use my thumb to change buttons (which was awkward AF.) The controls are easy to use, which is great for in the moment usage. To turn on the Form 2, you hit the plus button and to turn it off you hold the minus button. 
Jimmy Jane Form 2
So, with that being said, I like how this vibrator isn't one that I can use to get off super quickly. It's nice to have something that builds me up to an intense climax rather than just jolting one out of me. However, if I had a limited block of time to have a quick session, I would not grab the Form 2 first. This is something that I would utilize if I had enough time so I could really treat myself to a self-pleasuring session that feels more like I'm worshipping my clit instead of trying to force out an orgasm.

In terms of the vibration, I would say that I feel like it's more rumbly vs. buzzy, and that's another thing- I think buzzier vibrators have worked better for me to get an orgasm out hard and fast, but rumbly vibrations seem to make me work up towards a climax. Rumbly vibrations also mean that in the end, it's easier for me to have multiple orgasms because I'm not super numb/tingly. (Yay!)

All in all, my relationship with this vibrator is still new, but I can say that it is a relationship that is worth establishing. I don't want to get myself stuck on the same sensations as I feel variety is the spice of life. Having something that is smaller and more compact than using a wand or longer vibe to help me feel good while having sex is great. It isn't a pain in the ass to fit between two bodies and is lighter weight to hold compared to some other toys I've used.

I would recommend the JimmyJane Form 2 for anyone who has not had a style of vibrator like this before or someone who is looking to have a more portable vibe that could be used during sex with a partner. Being that it is small, it's also a great size to be a travel companion as it won't take up too much space in your bag and has a travel lock feature. What more could you ask for?


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