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Pillow Talk Sassy Review: A Budget Friendly G-Spot Vibrator

Pillow Talk Sassy
In the world of sexual exploration, I will admit that my G-Spot has been the less explored areas. Not only will I blame my previous lack of masturbating, but I will also blame my lack of G-Spot hitting toys.
I made it my mission to explore this mysterious area within, and finding a toy that could aid me was on the top of my priority list.

I had two toys that were supposed to help me work the spot, but they were entirely lacking in the department of being able to really stimulate the area. I need something that was girthy, that had a wide area that could be used to apply constant pressure and something that wasn't super flexible.

I researched the hell out of G-Spot vibrators, and upon scrolling my Instagram feed, I saw several reviews popping up for the Pillow Talk Sassy G-Spot Vibrator. Not only was it getting rave reviews, but it was also touted to be a budget-friendly vibe that came highly recommended by several sex bloggers. One had even said that if they were to recommend one vibrator only, this would be it.

How can you go wrong with that statement?!

While purchasing a gift for Hubby's birthday, I figured I might as well purchase something for myself while I was at it. The other reason for purchasing the Pillow Talk Sassy was my wanting a vibrator that did not come with a clitoral stimulator. This being so I could more easily utilize the vibrator during sex for clitoral stimulation. I have two styles of wands, and both can be cumbersome to use. A smaller vibrator I own misses the mark on feel sometimes either not being rumbly enough and/or it doesn't cover enough ground and I'm trying my damndest to find the right spot.

When the Pillow Talk Sassy arrived, I was super excited. The packaging was SO attractive! I mean, I felt like I did when I was opening up a new Barbie doll as a kid. It was presented in a clean and sleek manner. The box was sturdy, and the Pillow Talk Sassy was definitely the star of the show! When I opened the box, lifting the inside packaging revealed a satin bag and charging cable. You also get a wee little brush to use for cleaning! Once it was room temperature, I plugged it in to charge.
Pillow Talk Sassy vibrator
This is where I will say that having a gentle hand does not do you any favors. You really have to push the pointed end of the charger into the vibrator, otherwise, it doesn't "connect" well. I struggled at first, thinking I had it pushed in all the way. It would slow flash twice and then not flash at all- after a few attempts and really pushing it in, I was able to get the slow flash to happen continually, indicating it was charging. Success!

Now, to the nitty-gritty details of how this vibrator works!

The feel of the vibrator is smooth, silky, and feels luxurious. Hubby said that he thought it felt very similar to the Lelo Ina Wave I own.

The vibrator is easy to turn on since you push down on the crystal at the top of the base, and to increase the vibrations you push and hold down. I did have a couple instances where I accidentally turned the vibrator off because I pushed down but didn't hold down. The nice thing is that it doesn't take long to turn it back on so you can resume your session.

g-spot vibratorNow, something that could be a make or break for someone is that you can't adjust the setting lower, you can only go higher. So if you have it up there for vibration level, there is no going back unless you turn the vibrator completely off. Thankfully, this wasn't a break for me, I just make sure to start off lower and by the time I turn it up, I'm ready for it.

There is a slight give to the vibrator if you are using it to push against your G-Spot, but it's not so giving to where you lose the ability to apply firm pressure. I find that slight give to be useful if I'm using it as a clitoral vibe, you could say it provides a less harsh application.

I really appreciate the fullness of the insertable end, it works far better for me than the Lelo GiGi 2 for really tackling surface area and making it a more pleasurable experience if I'm wanting to move the Pillow Talk Sassy back and forth vs. up against my G-Spot only. Plus, I like the feeling of being "full" and the Pillow Talk Sassy provides that feeling with flying colors.

I can't say that I've attained a true G-Spot orgasm at this point, but I have definitely awakened the spot! I know that applying pressure to that spot long enough made it incredibly easy for me to climax with using my fingers for clitoral stimulation and using the Pillow Talk Sassy internally. Powerful stuff right there. (I should also mention, during that session I had NO other clitoral stimulation. All of the arousal was solely built up internally prior to my finishing myself off.)

When it comes to using the Pillow Talk Sassy as a clitoral vibrator...all I can say is "Hell Yes!"

It's a different experience as it seems that a majority of the vibrators I've purchased previously have all been on the buzzier side. I would say that the Pillow Talk Sassy is definitely on the rumbly side. The downside of this (if you call it a downside) is that it takes me time to build up to an orgasm rather than "BAM! CUMMING!" However, I find this to be a welcome change and helps me to edge more so than any of the other vibrators I've used. In terms of how I've used it as a clitoral vibrator, I might use the uncurved side or the curved side depending on how pinpoint I want it to be or how much area I'm looking to cover. It also makes it easier for me to apply pressure to the clit without it feeling like I'm making it have a seizure. Due to the rumbly vibrations that allow me to build up, I had one hell of an orgasm! Definitely worth it.

Would I recommend this vibrator to a friend? Yes, 100% yes.

At a very affordable $54.00 this is easily a vibrator that I would say is worth every penny for being able to provide ample stimulation internally and externally.
It comes in a soft pink or teal color. I like both but went the pink route because it spoke to me.
It looks luxurious, has a great hand feel, and has a sparkly crystal to complete the package. It just looks pretty and makes me feel pretty when I use it. It's going to be a popular go-to for me when it comes to solo or partner play. Even if it's being used for a longer session, I appreciate that it doesn't deaden my hand with vibrations. Some wands and such are so buzzy that it travels up your fingers and makes your whole hand feel weird by the end. This does not do that. The handle is also comfortable and easy to hold, the button easy to access so you can focus on what's going on vs. having to double-check if you're pushing the right button.
Pillow Talk Vibrator
My final parting words on the Pillow Talk Sassy?
If you are looking for a vibrator that can do both internal/external pleasuring that does not have a clitoral stimulator built-in, this is an excellent option. It's rumbly, it's powerful, it has a good external/internal feel, and it's super affordable. You won't regret it!

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