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Embrace Your Sexy Life Vol. 1

Welcome to the Embrace Your Sexy Life series! In this series, we talk about what helped me embrace my inner sex goddess so I could cultivate a truly Sexy Life. I hope some of these ideas will assist with you cultivating your own version of Sexy Life that you truly deserve!

Yes! You deserve great sex whether it's with another human being or if it's by yourself (because masturbation is sex with your fine self!)

I have struggled over the years battling my inner critic, that damn little annoying voice that criticizes you and makes your self-worth plummet. It tells you that you aren't good enough, worthy enough, or sexy enough. You can try and you will ultimately fail because that little voice likes to whisper things in your ear to make you feel insecure.

You may also fail due to societal pressure. Media shows us (as women) that you will likely not feel like the sexy nymph that you are because you don't look a certain way. You have an opposing cup size/hip size/waist size to what magazines and various other outlets portray as "ideal."

I'm a late bloomer in my personal, sexual revolution. However, mid-30's isn't a bad age to start as I have gotten myself past the point of giving too many fucks over what doesn't make me happy. I know my body is shaped the way that it is, and there isn't anything I can do to make it change drastically without surgery. (I have absolutely no desire to cut myself up to look a certain way.) I have developed a better appreciation for what my body can do as it is regardless of the stretch marks, cellulite, and not anywhere near C cup size.

What helped me feel sexier was to spruce up my underwear drawer. I chose items that made me feel beautiful. I chose several items that would be comfortable enough to wear daily rather than something that you wear 10 seconds before you have sexytime. If I'm going to unleash my inner goddess, then I need to be able to wear what I deem "luxurious underthings" all damn day long.

I chose colors that pleased my senses- regardless if it would make my skin tone "pop" because if the color made me happy, I knew I'd be happy wearing it. I also chose colors that were bold, even tho I swear I hate the color red, I purchased red colored items. I discovered that red makes me feel sexy. It is a very sensual color (if it's the right tone of red.) I accepted my relationship with the color red has changed, so I included it in my wardrobe with gusto!

I also invested in some sexy things to wear exclusively for sexy time. Specifically, items that wouldn't piss me off with being too complicated to put on. I definitely wanted to be able to put something on without assistance, and I found that I absolutely hate to deal with ties. For me, simple is better. The less frustrated I am with whatever I want to wear, the happier I'll be. There are many different options out there for sexy lingerie, and some are absolutely mindblowing as to how complicated they are to put on! (Trust me, I know.)

Other things that might make you feel sultry:
A pair of sexy shoes
Lip gloss

I went buck wild and bought my first pair of platform high heels, and they are actually comfortable enough that I could wear them in public if I wanted. (My main issue will be learning to walk in them!) What I know is I have some muscular legs that (IMO) look fucking fantastic when I wear heels. I always wanted "sex shoes" but never bought them, because I thought I didn't deserve them nor was I sexy enough for them. Fuck that. Buy the shoes. The shoes are wishing for your feet to step into them, not the other way around.

Embracing my feminine side meant going back to wearing stuff that literally makes me feel pretty. Lip gloss (the kind that adds some shimmer/color) and perfume are two things that I basically denied myself for years. I can't quite figure out why, but I deemed them both impractical. I'm wearing both on a daily and I'm feeling PRETTY!!! If I feel pretty, I feel more desirable, and if I feel more desirable, I feel sexy. Feeling sexy=more excited for sex.


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