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Cowgirl Sex Machine Review: My Take On A Premium Sex Machine

cowgirl machine
In the midst of my newfound sexual awakening, I purchased for myself the most expensive sex aid I own. For some, the price tag alone would make them steer clear of the machine, yet with the support of Hubby, I made the purchase.

Of course, the amount made my phone sound off with the potential that it was a fraudulent purchase. Damnit. How frustrating that a text message had me feeling shameful, and for a few seconds I had buyer's remorse. What the fuck was I doing? I just bought a sex machine that cost as much as a used car or I could've booked a flight for two to Sedona, AZ in the Comfort Plus class. Nope. Instead, I was on my phone, purchasing a machine that was promising me some massively intense orgasms. Possibly multiple. All in all, I was purchasing an experience.

Because of buyer's remorse, I went on a spending spree at Victora's Secret. I figured if I'm spending money on something for sex, I might as well feel the part. My phone yelled at me again because it thought fraudulent spending was happening. I yelled back: "I'm bringing sexy back! Stop judging me!" I could only imagine how amused the credit card company was over the amount of money I was spending on my budding "Sexy Life."

The item purchased was the Cowgirl Sex Machine, a device that is similar to the Sybian (and a few other options like the Tremor and the Motorbunny.) Overall, the main reason for going with the Cowgirl was how aesthetically pleasing it looked and that it had strap-style handles. It's not particularly lightweight coming in at 24.5 lbs (w/o accessories) or 28.4 lbs (w/accessories.)

The Cowgirl has a distinct saddle shape that is cushioned, is covered in vegan leather, and has a sleek look. You have 6 vibrating patterns, and depending on the attachment used you'll have 360 degrees of swivel rotation with variable speeds (from low to holy shit batman high.) It has 1200 rpm of vibration power goodness.
cowgirl machine
The controller is extremely easy to use- you have a dial for vibration speed and a dial for rotational speed. If you so choose, you can also use an app on your smartphone to control the Cowgirl (or have a partner control it to make it extra spicy.)

You get two attachments with your purchase, one called the Rawhide which has a little bump that can stimulate the vaginal opening/vulva/bum and with nubbins for rubbing your clit.

The second is called Wild West, which features an end on it similar to the Lelo Ina Wave vibrator I have but also has nubbins for rubbing your clit.

For using an attachment that has an insertable you have a spring rod or a plastic rod that you insert into the middle, depending on which you choose will make it stiffer or have a little more flex.
rods for cowgirl sex machine
The machine is not quiet. I can say that the cats aren't terrified of it, so I feel better about using it knowing I'm not giving my felines heart attacks. If someone were to come knocking on your door and you have it up on high, they will likely know you are doing something. (Well, that's my assumption, I haven't turned it on and stood outside to find out.) I will say that when you have your body weight on it, it does muffle the vibrations. If you are bouncing up and down on it, you'll have a mixture of tones from loud to muffled. All in all, on a noise-scale, the cats are more terrified of our Dyson V-10 Animal vacuum cleaner and I find it more pleasant to listen to than said vacuum cleaner.

My first few experiences on the Cowgirl were okay. Did I have powerful orgasms? Yes. Did I have multiple? Not without challenge. The first time I used it, I came super quick, and that had me scrambling to try and have a more fulfilling experience. On the website, you will find that it does recommend limiting your usage to 15 minutes. I totally maxed that out the first few times I played with the machine. (Oops, someone didn't read the instructions!) I can say that there is a good reason for that recommendation. Even tho it is very rumbly, prolonged use and time on the Cowgirl definitely made me feel numb. Especially as I had to have the vibration intensity quite high in order to achieve a second orgasm.
attachments that come with cowgirl sex machine
My other struggle was with the nubbins on the included attachments. I feel like I have a decerning clitoris who likes to have smooth textures, and the nubbins were too nubby. I couldn't seem to find a comfort level with them to really grind and rock on them, or I couldn't get things to line up just so. Needless to say, I felt super frustrated with my body for a brief period of time.

For those who may worry they might be in the same boat, fear not, for there are other attachments! Hooray! Honestly, this was something I had forgotten about, but Hubby didn't, and for Christmas, I was gifted 3 new attachments to try on my Cowgirl: Bareback, Lone Ranger, and Bronco. (Thanks, Hubby!) All three attachments were sans nubbins!
attachments to purchase for cowgirl sex machine
The Bareback is completely smooth and both the Lone Ranger and Bronco have minimal texture added where you can rub your clit. All in all, a lot less intrusive to my clitoris, giving her just the right amount of stimulation.

The perfect opportunity came for me to try out the new attachments right after I started my period. I was cramping and not feeling particularly comfortable, and Hubby suggested that I seek some relief. Even tho I wasn't feeling "in the mood" and the idea of something inserting into my vagina sounded horrid, I decided to give it a go by starting off with the Bareback attachment. It took a bit to ply an orgasm out of me, but after I came, I felt a lot more intrigued to try out the other two attachments.

Second up was the Bronco attachment, and I will say, my favorite at this point. It's a great shape and size. The first use I used the spring insert because I wanted to be "gentle" with my crampy self. I didn't use too much rotation, and it didn't take a ridiculously long time for me to climax again. This time it felt more like an internal one, which surprised me and was completely unexpected!

Third up was the Lone Ranger attachment, and full disclosure I should've given myself a break by now, but I was horned up and feeling pretty damn good. It took me longer to figure out how I wanted to move on this attachment along with how much rotation I wanted to use. I was feeling pretty stimulated, so I was having a hard time having my clit cooperate with what I wanted to do vs. what she had enough of. Then it was the challenge of getting her out in the open enough to have the vibrations feel strong enough. I found that if I pull my skin upward to lift up the hood more and have the area taught, it seemed to work the best. All I can say with the final attachment is I had an orgasm that had me exclaiming "Oh FUCK!" and that was the first time I had said something like that while using the Cowgirl.

We'll say that at that moment I decided that this was a fine investment to have made and I went off to take an extremely pleased shower. Not only would Hubby be proud of me for taking his suggestion, but I was also cramp-free!

For icing on the cake, the other day I was playing around (literally) and as luck would have it (I had zero luck) the vibrator I was using died. Totally without warning. I was horny, in the midst of building up, and for the love of _________ (God or whatever deity or famous person you want to insert into this space), I needed something fast. Out came the Cowgirl. Out came the Bronco attachment (this time with a plastic rod for firmness) and away I went! It was a pretty fast and intense climax once I got comfortable with how I should move on it for maximum pleasure.
cowgirl sex machine with attachment
I would say that figuring out how best to ride the Cowgirl is taking some time. It's not a "sexual enhancement" that I use on a daily basis simply due to my having to carry it around and the noise factor. I will say that I am in the process of building up a relationship with this machine, and that's okay to admit. When it comes to new toys, not all are going to be effortless. Frankly, I'm just starting to realize that I have some toys that totally do NOT meet my needs and that's okay! You win some and you lose some, but luckily, the Cowgirl won and will be something that I will utilize when the mood is right.

Things to consider if you are thinking of purchasing the Cowgirl:
Consider the surface you will be putting the machine on (it has rubber guards to keep it from slipping on smooth surfaces.) Currently, I use it on a carpeted floor so my knees are more comfortable.

It's okay for it to feel alien at first! I've found that I need to explore ways to position myself and move compared to what I have been used to when I'm having sex with a person. Either way, you get a good workout!

If you have knee issues, this might not be something you should purchase. I was worried because I have a knee that likes to act up sometimes, but at this point, I have not had any issues. I would also caution if you have hip issues, you might find trying to get down on the machine or back up challenging.

You can feel numbish after using the Cowgirl, especially if on it for an extended period of time. Perhaps consider not trying to become a grade-A nympho and don't shoot for multiple orgasms right away like I did. Ease yourself into it!

Lube is awesome and you should use it! That can't be said enough.

You'll want some sort of toothbrush or toy cleaning brush to clean in between the nubbins on the two attachments that come with the Cowgirl.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your Sexy Life on a personal level or to add a little extra spice with your partner, I highly recommend giving the Cowgirl a try. (Hubby has really liked watching me on the Cowgirl, winkwink!)

cowgirl sex machine attachmentsIt's sleek and sexy which is a plus in my book (I apparently like nice looking things.) It looks and feels like a luxury item that is well made (and that makes me think it will last a long time.) It's easy to tuck it away in a closet, and having multiple attachment options without nubbins is a plus.

Cost- $1,500
To purchase a Cowgirl Sex Machine for yourself and to learn more about it, click here.


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